Imagine a hidden paradise in the heart of the French countryside, where life is filled with simple pleasures: delicious food, fine wines and a secluded garden full of sunshine.

If you’re planning a vacation with your family or friends, the Farmhouse is the ideal rental accommodation. You’ve been imagining a vacation complete with old stone houses, bright sunny gardens, simple culinary pleasures of wine, cheese and fresh produce, and most of all, a pace of life that allows for dreaming, relaxing and reconnecting with yourself and with others. Life at the Farmhouse flows with the rhythm of the days, eddies around meals, and pools deep and clear during late-night conversations under the brilliant stars. It’s a place to think and breathe.

The Farmhouse is located in a picturesque village in the Auvergne region of central France. The tiny village is nestled in a charming valley, where the old stone houses bask in the summer sun. This is the southern reach of the Auvergne, a secluded region in the heart of France. It is a lush, rural area, sparsely populated and generally unfrequented by tourists. But the Auvergne has all of the charm and indefinable spirit of the country, the French je ne sais quoi. Come, explore and enjoy!